Perfect Vegan Ricotta (Nut Free)

When I realized that I wanted to make the perfect vegan lasagna, I immediately thought that I would need the perfect vegan ricotta to go with it! You simply can’t have a great lasagna without a great ricotta!

Lasagna was one of my most favorite dishes from before I was vegan. It was a comfort food that I enjoyed, as a lot of people do! The cheesy, tomato-y layers of pasta… the best, right? I will be posting my vegan lasagna recipe soon. Of course, what is a pasta meal without vegan garlic bread? My vegan garlic bread recipe will be coming soon as well!

But first, let’s get into this vegan ricotta recipe!

First of all, this vegan ricotta is everything a ricotta should be… cheesy (without the cruelty of dairy cheese), creamy, & rich. I honestly can’t tell the difference between this ricotta and dairy ricotta.

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