“Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.” – Gary L. Francione

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Posting vegan recipes.

About Vanessa

Vanessa is a vegan residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband, CJ, and their two cats: Emily & Chester. Vanessa studies Psychology and will be graduating in Fall of 2021. She has a passion for spreading awareness of the horrible conditions animals endure in the meat, dairy, egg, & fur industries, & her love of animals and hate of those industries are what made her go vegan. When she is not working her day job as an Insurance Underwriter, she develops vegan recipes for her blog ‘That Vegan Vanessa’, and posts on Instagram, Tumblr, & Pinterest. She hopes to one day live her dream as a full time vegan blogger & recipe developer. On a relaxing night, when taking a break from work, school, and ‘That Vegan Vanessa’ blogging, she can be found watching The Office, or playing board games & video games with her husband.

Do you have questions about veganism? Please feel free to reach out.


Instagram & Tumblr: @thatveganvanessa